Top Car Insurance providers 2020

Insurance is an attribute of modern civilized life and, as a safety tool, it is located on the second stage of the Maslow pyramid, immediately after basic physiological needs. A car has been transformed from a luxury item into a necessary means of transportation, but at the same time it requires significant financial costs, and also is exposed to a rather high risk of damage every day. No one ever expects something bad, some kind of trouble or disaster, however, this sometimes happens. And to lose a car is only half the potential problem, much worse when you need to pay for a second car that was broken due to your fault.

So what is car insurance?

Car insurance is a written contract between the insured and the insurers to ensure financial protection against damage or loss in case of an accident, theft, and death or third party liabilities.

Why do we need car insurance?

Nobody can guarantee safety on the road, but you can protect your property in case of unforeseen situations. This is where car insurance comes in.

Some drivers, when buying a car, consider car insurance only an unreasonable waste of money. It’s worth arguing with that. It is needed by both fairly experienced drivers and beginners.

Auto insurance for the owner of the vehicle is necessary so that he can minimize any material losses in the event of damage to the car or its theft. Also, insurance means the replenishment of all losses from accidents, accidents, natural disasters and other dangerous situations.

What are the 6 main types of car insurance?

  • Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Auto Insurance Quotes: What You Should Know

Like every industry, insurance quotes can be very different in price, coverage and deductibles. If you receive a car insurance quote you may need to do some research and read the fine print. As insurers all have differing policies knowing these differences before you sign up for insurance is advised.


The first thing you need to know is that not all policies cover the same things. Different insurers may have different coverages even within the same title of insurance. For example Personal Injury Protection coverage from one insurer may cover all forms of injury, yet another insurer may have exceptions. Find out exactly what is covered in all areas of your coverage before you get a big surprise.


Two prices for insurance may be very different simply because the deductibles on the policies are different. A $5 monthly difference may be worth it to you if the deductible is a lot lower, reducing your out of pocket costs in the case of an accident. This can really make a difference in a Comprehensive coverage.


Auto insurers do a lot of research in providing their pricing to consumers; however, sometimes they are simply constricted in their pricing because of their current “claim rate” in your area. Even if friends or family tell you one insurer is the cheapest, make sure to get comparison pricing from at least 3 different companies. You would be wise to get at least 10 quotes from national to local to insurance brokers to assure the best deal.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online

Nowadays the on-line purchase of car insurance is a common practice. If you are interested why most people prefer to buy car insurance online, you can look at the benefits below:

1.No More annoying sales agents

Usually, offline insurance purchase involves sales agents who are trying to sell their the most expensive product rather than suggesting you the best policy options. Online purchases will make your experience better by eliminating such agents. As a result you can buy the best policy after comparing various plans offered by different insurance providers.

2. Avoiding paperwork

One more benefit of buying insurance policy from your computer is eliminating any paperwork. The online purchase gives you an opportunity to fill up all the forms online. On the contrary making a policy purchase requires you to fill in a great number of forms, The necessary documents could also be uploaded online, which makes the application process more digital and get rid of any unnecessary paperwork.

3. Cost-Effective choice

Purchasing your car insurance online is cheaper as you save a lot of in-between costs. The premium is lower due to the elimination of paperwork, sales agents, and you may also get special-offer discounts that will reduce the amount of your payment.

4.Cashless method of payment

Purchasing car insurance online usually offers card as a primary payment method and involves no cash transactions. The payment of the insurance premium can be made through such online modes such as credit card,  debit card or internet banking.

5. Reminders of the payments due dates

Living a busy life some people could forget to make scheduled insurance payments. But missing insurance policy payments or renewals can be quite expensive. You could not only lose out on the renewal discounts but what is worse – have a breach of the insurance policy. If you buy your car insurance policy online, you will be able to receive timely payment reminders ahead of your due date. That way you can be sure that you will not miss out on the payments.

6. Comparison of different policy options

Using the website specializing in car insurance, the plans offered by different insurance corporations can easily be compared. Such aggregators give you an opportunity to compare the quotes and coverage given by different providers before selecting a perfect insurance policy for your automobile.

7. Time-saving

The purchase of insurance for your automobile online is more convenient compared to the same purchase in the office of the insurance company. You don’t have to throw your time away to get to a branch of the insurance company and to arrange a meeting with the agent. What is better, you can get your car insured from your coach, hence, saving a lot of time, nerves and efforts.

8. Availability of the Soft Copy of your policy

One more advantage of applying for your automobile insurance through the web is that you will always have a soft copy of the car insurance policy in your email. This makes access to the policy more convenient for you, as it will be available from any place. Storing the hardcopy of the policy will not be necessary anymore.

Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance Company Review

In the United States Allstate is one of the top car insurers. The company serves in all states. The network of their local agents is large, moreover, Allstate has more than 3,500 repair shops.  The insured are quite satisfied with the service of their auto claims.

When you request a quote from Allstate, they could suggest you wide range of coverage options to choose from.  A policy can be customized to fit your needs. Even though, Allstate’s prices can be a little bit higher, it offers multiple discounts to its customers. What is more, the financial strength level varies from good to excellent.



Seeking innovative and sustainable insurance options, the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has always lived up to its reputation by being one step ahead of the insurance industry. With the first drive-in claims center, Progressive started in 1937, was the first to implement discounted rates for low-risk drivers, then changed the insurance shopping experience by providing comparative rates on the Internet.

Progressive can offer cover for your car, motorcycle, boat, RV and recreational vehicle as well as home insurance. They have spread from the US market, and are now now working in Australia.

Progressive is a strong insurer for clients trying to save money on their premiums. Although its customer service is average, Progressive provide many easy-to-earn discounts, particularly if you are comfortable doing business online.